These downloads will let you try Solace technology including our Virtual Message Router, APIs, and supporting tools. If you’re not ready to download our software yet, you can read this technology overview to learn what our platform can do for you, check out tutorials that walk you through how you’ll get started with it, or read integration guides that explain how you can link it to tools you’re using today.

This page makes available the current release of many Solace products for evaluation use only. Carefully consult the license agreement prior to downloading. If you are a customer who requires software for a product not listed here, or an older version of a listed product, please email technical support. To purchase any Solace products contact us. If you’re looking for documentation, click here.

About the Editions

VMR Community Edition

The Virtual Message Router (VMR) Community Edition is free to download and deploy.

VM Images


VMR Evaluation Edition

The Virtual Message Router (VMR) Evaluation Edition comes with a 90-day trial period after which the VMR will cease to function unless unlocked with a full license. To purchase a license, please contact us.

VM Images


Contact us if you want to evaluate the Enterprise Edition of the VMR for Docker.


SolAdmin is a GUI for managing Solace message routers, and SEMP is a RESTful API that lets you programmatically configure them.


The SolAdmin load available for download is only for use with the evaluation VMR load. To purchase a full version of SolAdmin please contact us.


SDKPerf lets you measure the performance of Solace message routers and test features before you start coding your applications.