The Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) provides enterprise-grade messaging capabilities deployable in any computing environment, within your datacenter or natively within private and public clouds.

Solace has developed a Microsoft Azure Quickstart template that automates the deployment of the Solace VMR into any region of Azure in the configuration of your choice.

With this Azure Quickstart, the Solace VMR can be deployed in either a standalone configuration or in high-availability (HA) redundancy groups for fault tolerance.  In the HA configuration, if one of the routers fails or is taken out of service, the other router automatically takes over and provides service to the clients of the router that is out of service.  To increase availability, the message routers are deployed across three different Fault Domains.

The deployment and configuration tasks are automated by a template that you can customize during launch. You can also use the template as a starting point for your own implementation.  The Quickstart includes a guide with step-by-step deployment and configuration instructions.

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