The Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) is an open and standardized internet protocol for reliably passing messages between applications or organizations. AMQP helps IT professionals build a diverse, coherent messaging ecosystem that connects systems in a interoperable and standard way.

Before AMQP became a standard, organizations used proprietary wireline protocols to connect their systems which lead to vendor lock-in and integration problems when integrating with external organizations. AMQP provides the ability to reliably feed business processes with the information they need while doing so in a standard way without vendor lock-in and proprietary APIs.

API Support

The Solace message router supports the OASIS-recognized 1.0 version of AMQP,  as do the Apache Qpid APIs. Apache and the open source community provide Qpid which is a set of APIs that enable applications to communicate via AMQP 1.0  across many languages and platforms.