Solace Cloud is a managed messaging service that runs in popular public clouds so you can focus on building awesome applications while we keep your data moving.

Solace’s messaging technology lets you efficiently route information between cloud and datacenter applications, connected IoT devices and people across complex hybrid cloud architectures comprised of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise datacenter environments.

To date, Solace has delivered this functionality as a software broker that can be deployed in diverse cloud and datacenter environments, and a purpose-built, hardware-accelerated appliance that offers massive capacity in a compact form factor.

Solace has extended its product line to offer that same messaging functionality as a fully managed service called Solace Cloud that will run in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, starting with a free beta service in AWS.

Easy Communications Across the Hybrid Cloud

Your company’s migration to the cloud won’t happen overnight, and may entail deployment to multiple clouds at one point or another. Solace Cloud makes it easier to move data between applications running in public and private cloud environments, between different public clouds, as well as on-premise environments.

For IoT, Microservices and Web Streaming

Meet the diverse messaging needs of all your applications, microservices and devices. Solace Cloud is the only mPaaS to enable publish/subscribe, message queueing, request/reply and streaming to web interfaces and mobile devices.

Leave Lock-in Behind

Don’t let messaging products (or open source projects) lock you into proprietary communications protocols. Solace Cloud lets you use open APIs and standard protocols including AMQP, JMS, MQTT, Paho, Qpid, REST, and WebSocket.

  • Fully Managed Service: Focus on developing applications and architecture that meet your business needs and leave the operations of the messaging system – engineering, upgrades, fault management, security, scaling, etc. – to the experts at Solace.
  • Unparalleled Performance & Scale: Link your distributed applications and microservices in real-time, including those with many endpoints such as IoT. Solace Cloud offers the fastest routing technology in the market, and support for massive numbers of connections.
  • Total Transparency: Whatever level of granularity you want – stick to the 30,000-foot view or dive into real-time stats on specific publishers, subscribers, topics or queues.
  • Integrate Your Infrastructure: Connect your legacy and new technology investments using Solace Cloud, which works with JEE app servers and ESBs such as BusinessWorks, JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere, as well as modern development frameworks like Spring.
  • Proven Technology: Use the same proven messaging technology leading enterprises already use as the data distribution foundation for mission-critical applications.
  • DevOps Automation: Build awesome apps, meet their data movement needs with a couple of clicks, and integrate your DevOps tools with our fully managed service so you can automate deployment while we handle operations.