Solace messaging APIs expose a fully featured interface to the Solace message routers. They help various client applications communicate over the Solace message bus while also providing full access to Solace message router features and functionality. Solace offers the following enterprise messaging APIs:

Solace offers the following APIs targeted at web messaging applications:

Common Message Exchange Patterns

Solace Enterprise APIs generally support the following message exchange patterns:

  • Publish / Subscribe
  • Point to Point
  • Request / Reply

Common Features

Solace Enterprise APIs generally support the following common features. Where support for one of these features differs for a specific API it is noted in the page describing the specific API.

  • Connection management to Solace message routers
  • Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
  • Sending and receiving messages Direct and Guaranteed messages
  • Structured data types that do not rely on a specific architecture or programming language
  • Extensive support for logging and customizing through property parameters
  • Request/reply messaging support
  • Session Transactions and XA Transactions
  • SolCache Client API support
  • Queue browsing
  • Topic dispatch