The Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) is an implementation of Solace’s market leading messaging technology that runs on general purpose processors in environments like the datacenter, developer’s laptops, IoT gateways or the cloud.

Open Standard Messaging, Everywhere You Need It

The VMR provides enterprise-grade messaging capabilities deployable in any computing environment. The VMR provides the same rich feature set as Solace’s proven hardware appliances, with the same open protocol support, APIs and common management. The VMR can be deployed in the datacenter or natively within all popular private and public clouds.

Designed For Multi-Core CPU Architectures

The VMR features a multi-threaded, parallel pipelined architecture, optimized for modern multi-core processor environments. The VMR can take full advantage of multiple processor cores, with performance scaling in proportion to the number of cores made available.

Open Standard APIs and Unified Administration

All of Solace’s messaging capabilities are accessible through open standard APIs that are available for the most common operating systems and programming languages. Solace VMRs and appliances are managed together, providing system-level visibility for all applications across hybrid clouds.

Key Capabilities

  • Reliable Messaging: The VMR can deliver millions of messages per second to thousands of subscribers.
  • Guaranteed Messaging: The VMR can guarantee that messages are delivered, once and only once, in sequence.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): With support for AMQP, MQTT and REST protocols, the VMR can provide high throughput, end-to-end support for IoT use cases from the device to the datacenter.
  • Deployment Flexibility: The VMR runs natively in popular IaaS and PaaS environments in public and private clouds, along with containers, virtual and legacy non-cloud environments.

Hybrid Cloud Data Movement

hybrid-cloud-diagram_020517The Solace VMR lets you pick the clouds that are right for you today and migrate applications as assets and environments evolve, because we integrate our technology with each cloud technology.

You can freely share data and workloads across clouds and legacy environments, and even seamlessly incorporate Solace appliances into your infrastructure where you want high-density message routing in datacenters.

You can move applications from one cloud to another. You can configure, monitor and secure your data movement across all clouds in a consistent way with the DevOps tools you already use, all while avoiding any “lock-in” through the use of open standard protocols and open APIs.

Demo: Real-Time Messaging Across the Hybrid Cloud

Supported Environments


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • HPE Helion
  • IBM BlueMix
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Mirantis
  • OpenShift
  • OpenStack
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry

VMs, Hypervisors and Containers

  • OVA Package
  • VMware
  • VirtualBox
  • QCOW2 Package
  • KVM
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Docker