6x10 GigE for High Message Rate

Watch a Solace appliance process 17 million messages a second worth of equally balanced input and output, the kind of traffic you'd see when routing real-time information between enterprise applications.

6x10 GigE for High Throughput

Watch our appliance handle 80Gbps of I/O. That's 80Gbps of information being intelligently routed between a diverse and dynamic set of senders and receivers, through a single card.

6x10 GigE Intro

The new 6x10GE Network Acceleration Blade enables each Solace appliance to route 40 Gigabits per second of bidirectional traffic for a total of 80 Gigabits per second.

6x10 GigE for High Fanout

Watch our appliance take in 2M messages a second and fan out 16M, the kind of traffic pattern you'd be looking at when distributing information, such as market data, to large numbers of customers or partners.