Oracle GoldenGate Integration: Achieving Higher WAN Performance

This demonstration shows how Solace message routers can accelerate GoldenGate replication over the wide area network.

Solace vs. Websphere MQ as Messaging Foundation for DataPower Appliances

This demonstration shows how easy it is to swap the messaging foundation of a DataPower SOA appliance from Websphere MQ to a Solace message router.

Introduction to Solace and Oracle GoldenGate

This video demonstrates how you can enhance your Oracle GoldenGate architecture by integrating with Solace message routers to enable real-time data distribution to applications.

Design Patterns for Data Movement

Discussion of popular data movement design patterns, myriad of deployment considerations that impact manageability and high availability, and real world examples of the impact of such decisions.

Recapping the Inaugural Solace Toronto User Group Meeting

Yesterday, June 12th, we held our first Toronto Solace User Group…

Slow Consumer Handling

Our patented approach to slow consumer handling ensures complete performance isolation to ensure platform stability.

Guaranteed Messaging Performance

This video demonstrates the high throughput and low latency of Solace message router appliances performing guaranteed messaging.

Virtualization for Shared Use of Solace Appliances

This video demonstrates how Solace message routers can be partitioned to meet the needs of many applications,