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AWS Integration

Amazon Web Services lets developers add sophisticated cloud-based capabilities to their applications with services like S3 for storage, SNS and SQS for notifications and message queueing, Kinesis for data ingestion, and Lambda for serverless compute time.


Kafka excels at log data aggregation and streaming to data repositories. Solace complements Kafka by adding robust bi-directional event distribution between diverse applications and IoT devices running in hybrid clouds and around the world.


This project provides a deployment template that lets you deploy Solace PubSub+ into any region of Azure with the click of a button.

Cloud Arbitrage: Measuring AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

This demo shows one way you can measure the relative performance of the big three public clouds in real-time. It consists of one application running on-prem that simultaneously publishes requests to identical responder applications running in each of the public clouds.


Apache NiFi is a software project from the Apache Software Foundation which enables the automation of data flow between systems. Similar to how parcel services move and track packages, Apache NiFi helps move and track data.