pivotal-cloud-foundry_400x200Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS) for application lifecycle automation. It focuses on making cloud-native application development simple. To deploy your application simply cf push. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a certified Cloud Foundry Provider offering a robust, multi-cloud, highly scalable solution.

Solace PubSub+ for Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides high-performance, robust, enterprise-grade messaging technology over a wide variety of open protocols (including JMS, MQTT, REST, WebSocket), qualities of service (best-effort, guaranteed, transactions) and messaging patterns (publish/subscribe, request/reply, streaming, fanin/fanout).

Available as PCF Tile

PubSub+ for PCF is distributed using Pivotal’s tile format. You can learn more about it in their marketplace, or get started now by downloading it here.

To learn more, watch this 7-minute introduction and demonstration.

Webinar: Messaging with Purpose on Pivotal Cloud Foundry

This one hour webinar describes and demonstrates how PubSub+ can give applications and microservices running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry the ability to exchange information using open APIs and protocols. Jonathan Schabowsky of Solace’s office of the CTO shows how easily you can enable real-time communications between microservices with the new PubSub+ for PCF tile, and how you can integrate PubSub+ into your application infrastructure.

Taming Data Movement Complexity Podcast

Hear Solace CTO Shawn McAllister discuss our Pivotal tile as part of the Pivotal Insights podcast.

Connected Vehicle Monitoring Demo

pcf-car-demo-architectureThis demo simulates a connected vehicle tracking scenario a lot like something we’ve helped one of our customers deploy. In this case, we’ll be tracking car sensor data to show different kinds of maintenance events and faults, and can give individual users the ability to be “tracked” and manually log maintenance faults to see them reflected on the monitoring side of things.

The demo is available as an open source project in Github at https://github.com/SolaceLabs/pcf-car-demo