SAP Cloud Platform (known until February 2017 as SAP HANA Cloud Platform) includes an integration service called SAP Cloud Integration that is designed to connect applications, business partners and devices as part of end-to-end business processes running in the cloud. SAP uses Solace messaging middleware technology within this cloud-based integration service. The integration of Solace technology into SAP Cloud Platform is intended to help enterprises more easily take advantage of big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.


At the SAP TechEd conference in September 2016, SAP showed off their messaging-as-a-service within SAP Cloud Platform. Audience members downloaded an app that converted shakes of their phone into messages sent to the SAP systems. The demo used Solace messaging within the SAP Cloud Platform to handle and buffer 20,000 messages a second being generated by the 1,500 people in the audience. The demonstration was a fun way to show real-time data flowing from a ballroom in Las Vegas, and online viewers around the world, to a datacenter in Germany, then into an SAP dashboard that tallied the number of shakes per second.

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In this interview, Denis King of Solace and Martin Bachmann of SAP discuss the role Solace technology plays in SAP’s cloud strategy.

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