Cloud Arbitrage: Measuring AWS vs. Azure vs. Google

This demo shows one way you can measure the relative performance of the big three public clouds in real-time. It consists of one application running on-prem that simultaneously publishes requests to identical responder applications running in each of the public clouds.

Connected Car Remote Vehicle Control Demo

This demo illustrates how Solace PubSub+ is being used in real-world connected car scenarios, highlighting both data collection and remote vehicle control capabilities.

Tracking the Movement and Maintenance of Connected Cars

This demo simulates a connected vehicle tracking scenario a lot like something we’ve helped one of our customers deploy. In this case, we’ll be tracking car sensor data to show different kinds of maintenance events and faults, and can give individual users the ability to be “tracked” and manually log maintenance faults to see them reflected on the monitoring side of things.

IoT Reference Architecture in AWS

This project provides a guide to enabling an IoT reference architecture in AWS. This architecture is presently best suited for use cases where there is a large amount of messages towards the core connected services, but few messages downbound to devices.

Horizontal Scaling of Aggregated Microservices

The goal of this demo is to illustrate a real world example of using messaging between microservices in the cloud. This demo illustrates the Aggregator Microservice Design Pattern using an event driven architecture with messaging to communicate between Microservices, specifically Solace Messaging in Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Insurance Agent App Demo

This demo shows how insurance agent applications can communicate with back-end systems using Solace messaging technology, instead of with web servers that frequently become a bottleneck.