A popular distributed architecture combines regional applications deployed in the public cloud with centralized functionality running within one or more central private datacenters. Instead of cobbling together a solution using cloud-based messaging, some kind of cloud to on-premise connectivity and yet another messaging solution in your datacenter, it’s easier to use one messaging fabric across the hybrid cloud. Solace PubSub+ message brokers run in all public clouds and easily peer with Solace PubSub+ appliances running on-premises, making PubSub+ a great fit for hybrid cloud architecture.

In this screencast, I demonstrate a global retail application powered by MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform. The retail company’s API runs in MuleSoft CloudHub iPaaS within the AWS public cloud and the back end datacenter processing uses Mule workers. In the demo, I bring up a Solace PubSub+ message broker in the AWS public cloud, and connect it to a PubSub+ appliance within a datacenter.