The Solace Node.js API enables applications to stream data to web and mobile devices over LANs, WANs, and the internet using Solace PubSub+ message brokers. Since the developer community has built modules that integrate Node.js with other leading languages and protocols, Node.js is an easy onramp for connecting web apps to PubSub+ whether they’re written in Ruby, PHP, Perl, or Python; or use protocols like AMQP, HTML5 WebSocket, or MQTT.

Node.js is easy to learn because it’s the server-side equivalent of Javascript which many developers know from building apps for browsers.

Message Exchange Patterns

The Solace Node.js API supports all common message exchange patterns.

  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Point to Point
  • Request/Reply


The Solace Node.JS API supports:

  • Connection management to Solace message routers
  • Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
  • Sending and receiving direct and guaranteed messages
  • Structured data types that allow interoperability between various architectures and programming languages
  • Request/reply messaging support
  • SolCache client API support
The Solace Node.JS API does not support:
  • Session Transactions and XA Transactions
  • Queue browsing
  • Provisioning of durable endpoints
  • Topic dispatch
  • Message compression
  • Kerberos authentication