SDKPerf is a testing tool for testing and validating the performance of Solace messaging technology. It is an excellent tool for trying out most Solace PubSub+ messaging features. Solace provides access to the SDKPerf tool to let developers quickly try out PubSub+ message brokers before they dive into coding their applications. In our experience it is also one of the easiest ways to quickly measure the performance of a messaging system.

SDKPerf is designed to be an extensible testing platform. It supports a generic client interface which enables Solace to easily add support for new messaging APIs. Additionally, SDKPerf has been ported to each language supported by Solace APIs. All versions are available for download.

Because of the role SDKPerf plays in the Solace development cycle, it is a complex tool supporting many options. We recommend reading this user guide before getting started.

Note that the SDKPerf test tool is not a Solace product. The test tool is provided on an “as is” basis to help developers explore Solace technology and messaging features.