Solace messaging APIs expose a fully featured interface to Solace PubSub+ message brokers so client applications can communicate over the PubSub+ message bus. Solace offers the following enterprise messaging APIs:

Solace offers the following APIs targeted at web messaging applications:

Common Message Exchange Patterns

Solace messaging APIs generally support the following message exchange patterns:

  • Publish / Subscribe
  • Point to Point
  • Request / Reply

Common Features

Solace Enterprise APIs generally support the following common features. Where support for one of these features differs for a specific API it is noted in the page describing the specific API.

  • Connection management to Solace message routers
  • Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
  • Sending and receiving messages Direct and Guaranteed messages
  • Structured data types that do not rely on a specific architecture or programming language
  • Extensive support for logging and customizing through property parameters
  • Request/reply messaging support
  • Session Transactions and XA Transactions
  • SolCache Client API support
  • Queue browsing
  • Topic dispatch