SolAdmin is a management application for Solace message routers that can be used with a CLI user account. While the Command Line Interface (CLI) provides access to all management features for Solace message routers, it is designed for advanced administrators who are familiar with Solace message routers. SolAdmin provides a simplified graphical interface for managing Solace message router properties that is designed to meet the needs of both advanced administrators and administrators inexperienced with Solace message routers.

SolAdmin is a Java-based desktop application.
Depending on the access level that is assigned to the CLI user account you use, some of the management tasks that can be performed through SolAdmin include:

  • Setting Up the SolAdmin Management Domain
  • Configuring User Authentication and Authorization
  • Performing Common Message Router Configuration Tasks
  • Configuring Message VPNs
  • Configuring Message VPN Bridges
  • Configuring ACL Profiles
  • Configuring Clients
  • Working with Endpoints
  • Configuring JMS Objects
  • Configuring Message Router Redundancy
  • Configuring Site Replication
  • Configuring SolCache
  • Monitoring Solace Message Routers